Elephant Meat

Elephant MeatIt is unfortunate when people kill elephants just for the tusks because a full grown elephant can provide food for many people. Elephant meat is common in Africa, and is considered like Viagra in Thailand. Elephant meat tastes similar to moose or elk and so would be considered delicious to many North Americans and Europeans. Some countries have made the sale of elephant meat illegal, but if you live in a free country that allows full expression of culinary choices, then you are fortunate and can try some of these excellent elephant meat recipes. By eating elephant meat, you are helping to
stop the slaughter of elephants just for their ivory, a horrible waste of good meat.

One common African dish is Elephant Soup. Try this elephant meat recipe at home!

• one-half pound of elephant meat
• three cups of beef broth
• one onion
• one cup hazelnuts
• one cup boiled peas
• one small green onion
• one cup of shitake mushrooms
• two tablespoons of lard
• salt and black pepper (to taste)
• one-half cup of milk

Combine meat with other ingredients and simmer for 1 hour.

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