Whale Meat

Whale MeatWhale meat is common in the cuisine of Iceland, Japan, Norway and Arctic regions of Northern Canada and Alaska. Minke whale meat is usually the whale meat that is consumed by humans, but other species such as Pilot Whale in the Faroe Islands are consumed as well. The two most common cuts of whale meat are the tail and belly. Whale meat blubber is especially tasty. It is often served salted and boiled with potatoes in the Faroe Islands. Japanese sashimi also includes cuts of whale meat such as the flippers and dorsal fin.

Although there is some controversy about the consumption of whale meat, it is no different from eating tuna or other large fish and is a common traditional cuisine in many cultures.

Whale Meat Recipes

Whale meat can be eaten raw if prepared by a sashimi chef who knows how to do it, but you can also cook whale meat according to this traditional recipe.

Steak of Whale (4 servings)

4 slices of minke whale meat – 170 grams each

Salt and pepper, preferably freshly ground

4 onion rings

2 tablespoons of paprika

1 tablespoon of diced parsley

1 tablespoon of diced dill pickles

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